Peter Beale

Full biography

2020-2022Writing Luck Lancaster, Kate, Mongrel
2019-2020Wrote, produced, directed short (29 minute) Campos Secretos

Developed Environmental Film Festival Pantalla Verde (Delayed due to Covid)

WEB based navigation guide to the cost of Cabo de Gata
2005-2017Environmental Indoor air quality, hospital infection reduction, food manufacturing safety, water conservation,  Set up distribution and training programs in over 50 countries
2005-2006Consultant King Fisal Foundation. Fisalia opening ceremonies. Conference center. Annual award ceremony
2004Consultant King Fisal Foundation. Fisalia opening ceremonies. Conference center.  Annual award ceremony
2003Produced Tournament of Dreams, low budget “street” movie.
1994-2002Illusion Inc.

Chairman/CEO and Director of Illusion Entertainment Projects.  Mr. Beale provided the creative vision, artistic oversight and project management for the development of the Company’s interactive networked F1 racing and parachute simulation products.  He also led the Company’s business development and sales teams. Customers included, Disney, 6 Flags, Sony, Ripley’s, Sahara Hotel and Casino, King Fisal Foundation.  DRPA, US Army. US Marine Corp. CIA.

Produced and directed a number of SC-Fi documentaries for US military, includes Tom Clancy in Digital Cavalry, Robert Culp in Force 21 the Digital Army and the Green Dragon.
1992-1994New Entertainment Guild

President/CEO:  Mr. Beale developed a large potential customer base, created dozens of location-based entertainment concepts, and identified potential sources of financing and strategic partners.
1983-1992Showscan Film Corporation/Brock Trumbull, Culver City

Executive Vice President, Marketing, Sales and Distribution, President of Production.  Joined with Douglas Trumbull in 1983 as President of Brock/Trumbull to make Showscan a practical film alternative.  In 1985, arranged for the sale of Brock/Trumbull to the Plitt Theater Group to form Showscan Film Corporation.  From 1985 to 1992, served as President of Production and Executive Vice President responsible for Sales, Marketing and Distribution.

Accomplishments at Showscan include:

Raising significant financing during the development stage of the company, sales, marketing and contracting.  Established and successfully developed products and clients in theme parks, tourist centers, international expositions and corporate industrial shows, with total company sales of approximately forty-five million dollars.

Supervision of the early technical development of Showscan projection, sound, cameras and editing systems, and the design and installation of Showscan equipment for specialty theatres.  Development of Dynamic Motion Simulators.

Produced, directed (second unit), supervised and/or consulted upon the following films shot in the Showscan process:  ILM’s “Space Race”, WQED West’s “Nature Rediscovered”, “Concerto for the Earth”, “Devil’s Mine Ride”, “Desert Duel”, Ronald Neame’s “The Magic Balloon”, Richard Fleischer’s “Call From Space”, “France”, “Leonardo’s Dream”, “Let’s Go”, “Celebrating Us”, “Kiwi Magic”, “Tour of the Universe”, “Niagara Magic”, “Discovery”, “Earthwatch”, “New Magic”, and “Big Ball”, as well as more than a dozen short films for the Dynamic Motion Simulators.

Supervised and directed the concept development for a number of theme parks.  Clients included Ringling Brothers, Qintex, Six Flags, Tractebel/Showcase Europe and Vail, Colorado.
1980-1982Ladd Company/Warner Brothers, Hollywood

Executive Producer, “Five Days One Summer”, starring Sean Connery.
1980Film Business Consultant to Rupert Murdoch; London/New York Times, London

Contracted to prepare a detailed synopsis of the structure and workings of the international film production/distribution/exhibition industry.
1979-1980EMI Films, Ltd., London

Managing Director,.  Films include “The Elephant Man”, “The Jazz Singer”, “The Awakening”, and “The Mirror Cracked”. “Murder on the Orient Express.”

Accomplishments include:  Computerization of film library, institution of new sales offices, new production budgets and contracts.
1973-1978Twentieth Century Fox, London

European Managing Director and Executive in charge of European Production Head of European Merchandising for Star Wars and Fox London Cinema Theatre Development.

Close production and creative involvement in more than twenty feature films, including “Star Wars”, “Alien”, “Julia”, “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”, “The Omen”, Bernardo Bertolucci’s “La Luna”, “The Other Side of Midnight”, “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes’ Smarter Brother”, “Ransom”, “Sky Riders”, Dario Angento’s “Inferno”, and “Take a Hard Ride”.
1972Gordon Films, London

Associate Producer, “A Touch of Class” with Glenda Jackson and George Segal.
1971EMI, London

Production Manager, Development, “Jackson War”, EMI.

Producer, Hong Kong Festival of Arts, BBC.

Production/ Assistant director of various commercials
1970Cinecrest, London

Production Manager, “Someone To Watch Over Me”

Amicus Productions, London

First Assistant Director, “The House That Dripped Blood”
1969Winkast, London

First Assistant Director/Second Unit Director, “When Eight Bells Toll” with Anthony Hopkins.

Second Unit Director, “Tam Lin”, directed by Roddy McDowall.
1968United Artists, London

Associated Producer, “The Adventures of Gerard”.
1967Twentieth Century Fox, London

Second Assistant Director, Unit Production Manager, “The Magus”.

Keep Films, London
1966Twentieth Century Fox, London

Second Assistant Director, “Fathom”, starring Rachel Welch.

MGM/EMI, London

Second Assistant Director/Location Manager, Roman Polanski’s “The Fearless Vampire Killers”.
1964-1965MGM, London

Second Assistant Director, “Dr. Zhivago”.  Transferred to Los Angeles as special assistant for post production.

Second Assistant Director, “Murder Ahoy”.

Second Assistant Director, studio 2nd unit shoot, “Millie Goes to Budapest”.
1964Playpix, London

Second Assistant Director, “The Uncle”.

Woodfall, London

Second Assistant Director, “One Way Pendulum”.

Hammer Films, London.

Second Assistant Director, “Fanatic”.
1963ITC, London

Second Assistant Director, “Sentimental Agent”, 13 X 1 hour films for TV 
1962ITC, London

Third Assistant Director, “Man of the World”, 19 X 1 hour films for TV
1961-1962Horizon/Columbia, Spain, Morocco, London

Production Assistant, “Lawrence of Arabia”.
1960Chipperfield’s Circus, Birmingham

Ring Boy.