New novel: “Lucky Lancaster”

Peter’s historical, action/romance novel Lucky Lancaster is to be published by Pegásus in early summer 2023. If you would like to be kept updated and receive preview sections or more, please sign-up.

As a writer, Peter Beale has contributed to film scripts, documentaries and industrial films. His short stories and magazine articles have been published in the US and Europe. He has also authored three books of fiction:

Lucky Lancaster

Lucky Lancaster charts the nail-biting seafaring adventures of James Lancaster as he grows from a stumbling midshipman into a battle scarred naval hero, and is named by the crew as Lucky. Peace with Napoleon comes (temporarily) and James returns unemployed to the family estate to find his father, Lord Lancaster, dead, and his elder brother has stolen his inheritance. 

Now almost penniless, he is blocked from seeing his sweetheart, the dynamic Lady Edith, by her over protective parents who, as is custom, have arranged her marriage. 

James’ adventures continue while endeavoring to escape the poorhouse and to start a profitable smuggling venture. Will he avoid the legal problems created by his half-brother and the attempts to dishonor him? How will he cope with his brother’s thugs? How will he avoid the Excise patrols? Can he retrieve his inheritance? Is it possible for  the unconventional Edith to delay her arranged marriage? Has James’ luck finally run out?


Kate is a modern intrigue, suspense and romantic novel about a genius mathematician/computer  woman who is fighting corporate greed to keep her breakthrough code from being stolen. In the mean time she is belatedly learning about the complexes of love.

Castle Kitchen

(working title)

An historical action adventure and coming of age story about James, an Anglo Saxon kitchen boy, who turns out to be the bastard son of his Lord. He learns the warriors skills and through a series of adventures and battles saves his aging father from the intrigues of his ambitious knights and also rescues his love from them.