Peter lectures in English and Spanish

As a film producer, marketing executive and green energy champion, speaking engagements have always been a regular and necessary part of Peter’s life.

With these specialties, Peter is able to talk with authority and insight about filmaking, Star Wars, management and leadership.

Peter has spoken about guiding Star Wars from a script no studio wanted to make, through production and successfully to the movie screen.  These speaking engagements have taken place at venues such as the Starburst Film Festival in Manchester, UK; the CineFan Film Festival in Ubeda, Spain; the annual Vera Cancer Gala and the Vera Film Festival in Almeria, Spain.

At the Carzola Film Festival he taught a master-class on Film Producing.

His inspirational lecture “The Impossible Takes a Little Longer” was recently given at the Vera casino and the Zaragoza film festival and at a number of colleges in Madrid and Almeria province.

Peter also conducts talks about trans-personal psychology and healing . A related aspect of Star Wars is the “Force”. This has formed the basis of a talk about “The Force – does it exist and how do we connect to it?”.

As a marketing executive, Peter conducted lectures in over 50 countries on the subject of “Controlling viruses in air-conditioned environments and reducing infections”. These seminars were conducted many years before the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Peter’s film talks include:

  • The Impossible Takes a Little Longer
  • How Star Wars actually happened
  • The structure of the film Industry
  • What are the functions of the Producer & Director
  • Film stories that are never told